Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mini-Musing 9/29/13 ~ Seriously?

Feeling kind of meh about my writing although I'm not sure why.  Then again, I do know why.  OK, don't get mad but I made the mistake of looking for that joke erotic book again.  You may recall I spoke before here at Black Satin about a couple of lady-reviewers who thought that since all erotic books are crap in their eyes, they were going to write an erotic romance novel and see if they could get it printed.  Well it doesn't look like they stuck exactly with the original plan but they did a sort of Y/A romantic, Fifty Shades/Twilight thing with Cthulhu thrown in as a main character, narrowly missing the seventy-five years after death mark by one year.  They put it on Createspace.  The girls have admitted from the beginning that they made it purposefully bad or what they thought the idea of good erotica was and see what would happen.  An experiment of sorts.  They apparently wanted to provide proof that we erotic and romantic writers just dish out crap all the time.

Well these girls already had a fan base so of course they bought the book but apparently others are buying it as well.  It has a large amount of one star reviews but many other's are four star and up.

So apparently the joke is on us.

Seriously, I know I should just write and not even give situations like this the time of day, but I'm really getting tired of being dissed by certain people for what I write without said persons ever actually reading my work.  And now this just makes it harder to get people to take erotica seriously.

So I went outside, harvested a nice big bowl of tomatoes from my garden and took in the fresh air.  Unfortunately I hurt my back a bit.  I feel ok now that I'm sitting down.  And I'm feeling a bit better although things (not writing related) are still on my mind.  But you know these tomatoes are delicious! And I'm not even a tomato eater that much.

So now I'll sit here for a bit and try decide what to cut out of a 9000 word chapter so that the writing will be a bit tighter.

And how was YOUR day?

Peace ~

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