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Just a Quick Note to Say Hello or If you're visiting for the first time, Welcome!

OK, time to bring out the big guns!  I need you, my wonderful readers!  I have many stories to tell that have just (IMHO) gotten better with age!  If you’re new to Black Satin or to any of my social media pages, welcome!  Take some time to look around.  If it’s morning, have a cup of coffee, evening, have a glass of wine.  Sit back and relax and take a look at my works of hot and steamy erotic fiction and pick and choose at your leisure.  And of course, feel free to contact me about my works or just to shoot the breeze.

Want to know a bit more about me, if you don’t already, check out my website here:  There you will find all my works available for purchase and trust me, you’ll like LOVE them! 

As I’ve stated before I’m currently working on a series with Liquid Silver Books, The Illusion of Night Series.  I’m in the middle or writing the third installment, Briars and Bones.  Here’s a little sneak peek for you! 



It was too dark in the room and for a moment, Malcolm thought he was still in the nightmare.  He curled his body into a ball, pulling the blankets tighter around him.  Normally this would make a cocoon of warmth that he would snuggle into but this time, it didn’t seem to be working.  He was still cold.

Something was wrong, Malcolm could sense it in the darkness.  It was a full moon out or at least he recalled it was.  But he couldn’t see a thing.  Malcolm reached out and ran his hand along the smooth surface of the nightstand that sat next to his bed until he felt the smooth surface of the lightening globe.  He tapped it once, gently and it sparked to life, a charge of electricity dancing at its center.

It was little help.  Now shadows filled the room and they were alive.  They lay thickly everywhere, blotting out the familiar things in his room, rising and falling as though breathing.  Malcolm flung the blankets aside, careful not to let his feet touch the bare floor he pushed them into his slippers and stood.

He picked up the globe, rested it underneath his arm and started forward, reaching for the doorknob.  He hesitated briefly before opening it.  The shadows in the hall shrank from the light and Malcolm was grateful for that.  He leaned over the stair rail. There was a sound, Malcolm couldn’t quite make it out, like someone was struggling to breath.

Malcolm started down the stairs.  His mother had scolded him on several occasions for jumping down the last few.  And his father would come to his defense, “He’s ten, sweetie.  Let him be, he won’t get hurt.”

That seemed a long time ago.  Now his mother never smiled or at least she hadn’t for a long time.  His father was always busy with work.  He wanted things to be the way they were again.  Malcolm reached the bottom of the landing.  There was that sound again.  Malcolm switched the globe to his other arm and crept slowly to the entrance.

The light fell on an image that would be forever burned into Malcolm's mind.  There was his mother, on her knees in the middle of the room.  Her arms were splayed out in a position of supplication, as though she was pleading with some invisible god.  Her back was arched in an impossible angle but it was her eyes that caught Malcolm.  There were wild, darting back and forth but not truly seeing anything.

And something was on her.

A great lump of shadow was at her back, the darkness pulsed much like the shadows in his room but this one was truly alive and Malcolm knew what it was as it pulled at his mother’s back making her jerk convulsively.

“Mother!”  Malcolm cried out and she turned her head, agonizingly slow and her eyes at first seemed not to recognize him, but then for a brief moment, fear, desperation and a warning.

There are many other works of mine you may enjoy.  Stories involving fiends, incubi and workers of magic, and all with some burning romance and explicit spicy sex!  But there’s always an excellent story present and characters you will come to care for as much as I do.  So why not have a look?

And if you stick around and keep your fingers and toes crossed, I have a mainstream heroic fantasy, Tinderbox that I’m currently sending queries out to various agents.  There will definitely be a few free copies in the future given away if it’s accepted and published in mainstream!

So look around my blog there are plenty of links to purchase my works, either directly from the publisher (which is the best way) or from various well-known book sellers.

Come back for more news and information as much as you like.  I look forward to meeting you! 

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