Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mini Musing 3/18/14 ~ Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

As Bugs Bunny once said, "Something tells me, I shoulda stood in bed."

The lists of the second round winners of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award are up and the name CJ Black and/or Tinderbox are nowhere to be found.


It's hard not to wonder a few things...

Why is it when something good happens, something bad always happens a few days later? Does my writing really suck that much?  Did nobody want to read it at all?  Or were the reviews so bad? 

I'll never know.

But perhaps I'll get some good news now.  There are a still some people in the business I'm waiting to hear from and I'll be having another work coming out soon.  Since my most recent good thing was acquiring my Beauty ~ maybe the next good thing will really be something BIG?  Stay Tuned...



Kelliko said...

No, I have seen your writing and it does not suck. I would tell you if you fucking sucked. I have known you for 20 years (omg has it been that long???) I have shown others your work and they have enjoyed it. So, no you do not suck. You just haven't found your niche or perhaps, for now, it's full. You need to keep writing. I know you. You enjoy it too much. You love creating new worlds, new stories, new characters, and all the love, suspense, intrigue, and even humor that it entails. It's not easy work but you do love it. Keep on doing what you love.

CJ Black said...

Thanks Kelli, I've always appreciated your support. You're fabulous! I'm ok though, I just needed to rant a bit before moving on. And yes, it's been that long! (ouch).